REVIEW: Jackson FLow

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Gear

I am Owen Forster. I am a twelve year old whitewater kayaker and I am proud to be on the Rocky Mountain Adventures shop team. I got my hands on the Jackson Flow in small and I absolutely love it! 

I am five feet tall and 80 pounds and this boat fits me great, like all Jackson kayaks the outfitting can change a lot depending on your height and weight and although I am small for this boat, I can maneuver it with ease. 

See Owen Paddle the Flow

The Jackson Flow seems like a mix between a Jackson kayak Gnarvana and Antix 2.0. It has the rocker profile of a Gnarvana and it carries its speed really well like the Gnaravana but when going in and out of eddies it carves so well, when surfing waves it just stays in the wave and you can carve all day, like the Antix 2.0.  I am a class III+ paddler and this boat is amazing for easier and harder sections of whitewater. For example, when I do a class IV rapid I feel really comfortable in this boat but when I do easier whitewater I can still find things to do like carving in and out of eddies and surfing waves.

The Flow comes with all the safety of a modern creeker, like three full grab handles on the stern and one on the bow. The flow has full access to the stern and bow as well as loop handles in the stern to hook safety and overnight gear in the boat. 

This boat has been blowing my mind ever since I got in it and it has improved my skills so much. I am so much more comfortable in this boat than I have ever been in any other kayak and I am so excited to have this as my daily driver.

-RMA Team Athlete Owen Forster

Jackson Flows now in stock at RMA.

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