REVIEW: Pyranha Firecracker vs. Jackson Antix 2.0

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Gear

We are now living in the golden age of hull design. When it comes to playful half-slices, choosing between the Jackson Antix 2.0 and the new Pyranha  Firecracker is a matter of splitting hairs. Both boats are phenomenal to surf, easy to squirt, and stable enough to stomp the stouts. I was fortunate enough to test both the small and medium in both models. 

Overall, both sizes of the Firecracker surfed better, squirted easier, and were deflected more readily than their Jackson counterparts. I was able to land loops in both the small Jackson and Pyhrana but couldn’t quite finish the rotation in either medium. The Antix holds an edge over the Firecracker in stability and general confidence in running stouter drops. That being said, as long as you stay on the throttle and forward, the Firecracker is a surprisingly capable boat.

If I could only own one boat it would likely be the Antix 2.0.  If I was looking to add an absolutely surf shredding machine to the quiver, it would be the Firecracker.

-RMA Team Athlete Cole Conger

We Got Demos! – All sizes of both the Scorch and Gnarvana are available for rent from RMA now. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Put up to 3 full day rentals this season toward the purchase of any new boat.

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